Quality Control

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As seen in the above photo, on unloading from truck, all engines are checked by 2-turn hand cranking by wrench. Oil leaks are also checked.
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Unclean and will-not-turn engines that cannot be used as engines, if found, are sold to junkyards brokers and recycled as scrap iron and scrap aluminium.
The compression of gasoline engines is also checked and low compression engine, if found, goes through second checking and firing test.
Diesel engines are power cranked by electricity to examine the pressure and any abnormal noise.
image020After inspection, inside engine cylinder is treated by Noxudol 700 rust protection compound to protect from rusting until the engines are delivered to you.
image019Then every engine is given a barcode for future traceability in case of failure and eventualities and for stock keeping purpose as well. And then these engines are assorted and kept in our engine yards.
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