From receiving orders, processing and shipment

1. Receiving orders 2. Preparation of ordered engines
image021  image022
Receiving orders: Receive orders from overseas customers by e-mail and fax. Prepare engines gathering from our engine yards according to the confirmed order sheet.
3. Prepare engines to your order 4. Prepare engines for container loading/vanning
image023 image024
Transmission and engine mounts are detached, if necessary, according to customers’ order. As seen in the photo, all engines are arranged by order for loading.
5. Preparation of container for loading 6. Sorting of engines for loading
image025 image026
Inside the container is covered with thick vinyl (plastic) film, plywood and sawdust to protect engines from possible eventualities. Engines are sorted by size and weight before loading.
7. Barcode Scanning 8. Loading / Vanning
image035 image036
Engines’ barcode are scanned before loading. This enables speedy and accurate loading, documentation and stock keeping. Engines are carefully loaded inserting bonnets and plywood boards in between engines to protect engines during transportation.
9. Final check 10. To our customers around the world
image027 image028
Double-check that all engines are properly loaded and there is not any problems like oil leakage. Then the engines of the final row are fastened by wires and the container is closed, locked, sealed and shipped out to the customers over the world. Engine containers are shipped out to the world.
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